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    Stuck in Safe Mode
    Every time I restart my computer, it takes FOREVER to restart. It keeps booting in safe mode and this upsets me to no end (I know the long bootup is from the safe boot). I've tried everything, I ran Onyx and repaired permissions and scripts, cleaned everything (logs and etc) and it still boots in safe mode. THEN I went into Disk utility and verified/Repaired/Verified the HD and it still boots in safe mode. Both Onyx and Disk Utility tell me nothing is wrong. I'm at my wits end.

    Any ideas??

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    Just a thought (& this from memory as wel!l) Have you tried booting from the MAC OS X DVD, (hold CMD C on boot up with the DVD in the drive) then going into Utilities, quitting and then selecting boot from the MAC HD on next start up rather than the OSX DVD when offered the choice?

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