Hi All,

My first post and, as ever, it is a last desperate attempt before having to spend money!

I've had my os x 10.4 installation running fine for a few years, have recently started studying Java and have had a few problems with updates etc and basically my Java IDE's failed so opted for a full re-install and start afresh. After spending hours backing up onto my Sisters laptop I started the install, but it wont complete.

It goes through Disc 1 fine, but when it gets to Disc 2 it gets towards the end and it fails (iLife music files i think), it then tries to restart from the beginning of Disc 2. I dont use iLife and have no use for it, so is there anyway I can opt to not install any of these extras (iLife, GarageBand) and only have the core system?

I have an assignment due in the next couple of weeks, so if this doesnt work its a drive to a nearby town and attempt to purchase Leopard.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,