Hey, Im having some leopard issues, im running a ppc4 quicksilver tower, dual hard drive, one is running 10.28 and the other 10.5.6, the issue is, whenever i start up my leopard hardrvie, i get a constant spinning wheel then the comp shuts off. But when Im running 10.28 and change start up disk to leopard and press restart, it works. Why does it only work if i'm pressing restart and switching drives? ( When im in leopard and I reestart or shut down, it wont boot up to leopard again unless I unplug the drive , boot 10.28 and switch disk settings, plug in the drive, and restart. ) I;m 100% sur ethis is a harddrive software problem rather than an comp. part problem, since the drive was in a emac prior. plz help me out My dad lost the leopard install disk, so I cant reboot from that, ive done disk repair in leopard too,.