Hi, I just recently transferred my files and apps from my black macbook to the new aluminum macbook through migration assistant.

I had a few obstacles especially since the assistant stopped and I had to reboot to continue with the migration. Finally, after completing the transfer, I logged on to the user where all my files and apps were transferred to and deleted the other account - or the default account (I hope that was okay). Now, when I compared the harddrive space from my old black mb and my new mac, there was almost 30GB more used up space on the aluminum one (I have like 5 GB available space on the new one while the old one has about 33 GB available space left - both have 250 GB capacity). After searching both drives, I found that the 30GB difference was in the folder:

Macintosh HD/Systems/Library/Filesystems/eWatch

...where, instead of having just 1 eWatch folder (on my black mb), the new one had 3!

eWatch (from old Mac)
eWatch (from old Mac) 2

I was thinking it had something to do with the fact that I restarted migration assistant when it stopped responding (I could tell you how that happened if you think it's that important... anyway, bottom line is that I was able to complete the migration). Anyway, I really want to delete 2 of the eWatch folders but have no idea if that's wise especially since it's a system file. I tried putting "eWatch" and "eWatch (from old Mac)" in the trash and tried to rename "eWatch (from old Mac) 2" (which is the one that I want to keep since the size in this folder is exactly the same as the one from my old mb) to just "eWatch" but can't because of limited privileges.

So what exactly is the eWatch folder? Is it safe to just delete files from here? Also, this was the first time I've seen this folder and realized that it's taking up a whole lot of my harddrive space! What files here can I delete to save on space? Lastly, for some reason, inside the eWatch folder, there are 2 subfolders named after 2 users (I only have 1 user account now)... So can I delete the other one (it's taking up about 30GB from the harddrive!)?

Many many thanks in advance!