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    Angry Macbook Air Remote Install driving me crazy
    Im trying to do a remote clean install for a Macbook Air that I sell at my work basically so we can sell a display model reduced.
    Ive taken it home to try a remote install of my own macbook and the process is driving me insane!
    I finally figured out turning off the WEP protection on my wifi network and also turning on dcd/cd sharing but every time i choose the Mac OS X install disc, the Air waits a few minutes and then boots up normally. I phoned apple and they told me to use a firewire cable???!!!??? which wasnt much help

    anyone have any pointers or tips.
    im follwoing the standard airport install instructions sent by apple



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    Start up holding the option button. It will then give you the option to select the startup disk.

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    Feb 04, 2009
    Im doing that, its only after I choose the start up disc does boot in normally

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