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    Mac way of uninstalling?
    Hey I'm quite new to mac's and am just used to the windows way of deleting and uninstalling items. I read somewhere the to delete items you just need to simply move the item into the trash bin, and then empty the trash can. Does this truly delete the item? if not is there a program to completely delete it? (i know I had to use a program to completely delete an item in windows).
    Also when it comes to uninstalling programs, there is no uninstallation program. How do I properly uninstall a program?

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    The vast majority of applications do not use an uninstaller, simply dragging them to the trash does in deed delete them.
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    oh kwl ty for the fast response. It just seems to fast for deleting, thus to good to be true. I now like my mac even more . I just dont like how mac's hide files away thou o.0

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    In addition to what DysF has said, you can Secure Empty Trash if you want to overwrite with 0's and 1's the space that the item once occupied.

    As advised, that is not necessary most of the time, unless the material is sensitive and you don't wish any record of it to remain.

    There is a third and even stronger method of removing items, and that is to Erase Free Space after deleting the item(s). It's a tedious process, but it is very secure.

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    If you want to remove the preferences and extra stuff (like extensions and bookmarks for a web browser) associated with a program in addition to the program itself, look in the folders ~/Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Application Support and erase the appropriate files/folders. Other than that, simply deleting the .app is how you get rid of any program that didn't use an installer to be installed. If it did use an installer, it probably came with an uninstaller.

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