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    MBP Making Strange Noises (Bird Calls?! Trains?!)
    Hi all,

    I have a 15" Mac Book Pro with a problem. It periodically plays really strange noises through the speakers. They don't seem to be connected to any program because when they start I force quit all programs, yet they continue. What is also strange is that they follow all rules of the computer, by which I mean that when the speakers are muted they stop, when I turn the volume down they decrease in volume, etc. These noises are really strange, and include things like birds chirping, something that sounds like a train, and other random sounds. The only thing that seems to stop them is logging out and logging back in.

    Has anyone else ever had this? How did you stop it? Do I have some kind of Mac virus (gasp!)?

    Thanks in advance

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    Mar 19, 2008
    Here is an mp3 of the noise that I captured with Wiretap. Weird huh?
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    That is weird, sounds like an engine. Try looking in activity monitor that might that help you figure out what is causing it.

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    huh, that definitely sounds like a virus, however unlikely that circumstance might be. download an antivirus to see if that stops it.

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    You might consider installing iExorcist.

    Otherwise, create a new user on your system and log in with that user. Is your computer still haunted? If not, you've isolated it to some nefarious gremlins hiding in your original user account. If the problem exists then it's clearly systemic. Compare all active processes under both accounts, analyzing for differences between the two. If a rogue ghost in the shell is causing this, you might see it rise up on the list of active processes when the sound occurs.

    Always peruse your Audio/MIDI Settings in the utility folder, sometimes applications change your settings resulting in audio anomalies.

    Listening to the mp3, there is a certain resemblance to the ambient engine noise of the starship Enterprise. Perhaps it is time to leave this holodeck simulation of early 21st century cyberspace and get back to your post.

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    Hi guys

    I have to say on seeing this post and experiencing pretty much the same problem, it prompted me to sign up and make this comment.

    Basically I got my MBP 5 days ago. Uploaded my music, pics etc and all of a sudden heard a weird noise. I couldn't make sense of it, the noise was only brief but I was sure it was dialog in some kind of language.

    Anyway I thought nothing of it and didn't hear anything for the rest of the day.

    Next day - I hear a noise again.. definitely english this time! like a snipped of something. I started searching and found very few posts but someone said they heard something which sounded chinese.. which was kind of what I have been experiencing. I saw the same kind of possible solutions for this.. software to scan etc, I have tried a few of these and have ziltch spyware / viruses on my mac according to them.

    (Let me be clear - these noises last around 2 seconds max, then wont come back maybe all day - maybe 30 mins later for another 2-4 seconds).

    The latest development was just before typing this comment I heard another voice coming from my MBP - this was definitely english and said something about 'news' - this was immediately followed again by another 2 second interval of talking.

    It seems to me as if my MBP is 'tuning' into something..?
    Either way its extremely annoying and seems to be getting more frequent. The last thing I want to do is send it back after all the time spent on uploading and customising. I just wanted to make people aware with this problem that your not alone and its very confusing and worrying!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    All subliminal messages from Steve. "Obey... Obey... OBEY".

    Sorry, couldn't resist !

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    I have exactly the same thing. It started couple days ago. i've noticed that usually it comes shortly after opening the lid. But otherwise exactly as described earlier. Strange sounds and sometimes english saying some thing about news. It goes away instantly if you touch the volume, but it never last longer than for 2 seconds anyway.

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    To the "hearing voices" posts:

    Possible solution.

    Make sure you are using an encrypted wireless signal from your router. Always use the strongest encryption possible - WPA2. If necessary, change the channel your router is broadcasting on and keep all sharing off.

    Unwanted signals (voices, commentary, etc) are common where there are lots of wireless users. Apartment buildings, university dorms, clustered housing areas, etc. That's why you should always use a strong encrypted signal from your router. Also set the router to broadcast your SSID.

    It won't filter out all the crosstalk, but it may help.


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    Latest news - The noises have become more frequent and just a few minutes ago i had a good 30 seconds worth of background noise.

    I am almost 100% certain this was a radio station - would this make sense to anyone?

    It was like a standard chat show with music and discussion, i didn't move nor touch my mac whilst this was going on. After a good 30 seconds it switched of or 'de tuned' to the interference.

    Thanks for the suggestion of encrypting the wireless signal - I will try this however have never experienced this problem with any other wireless device (i have alot - xbox / phones / PC's etc)

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    I've had the same problem. Sounded like two thuds, similar to that of a heart beat and static swishy noises. Looks like its definitely something to do with the wireless connection, as soon as I turned off my airport the noises stopped. I've had some problems with the router going off and on so I'm guessing its to do with that.

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