Hi everybody.

I just bought a brand new macbook pro in August, and since I have had it, it has been having spontaneous freezing problems. The trackpad and keyboard just stop communicating with the rest of the computer. The trackpad lags a bit too at times. The only fix is ctrl,alt,delete and power button to force a restart.

I took it into the "genius" bar and they kept it and ran tests, I got it back 3 days later with a new logic board, which was supposed to fix the problem.

It was okay for about 2 days but the problem is back. It isn't as frequent but its still there.

Has anyone had this problem or heard of this problem?

If it is a problem they cannot identify, what are the chances they give me a whole new system? I had an ibook for about 3 years with not a single problem.

I am in school and cannot afford to keep bringing my computer in for these alleged "tests". Does anyone have any much appreciated suggestions?