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Thread: How to skip image verification

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    How to skip image verification
    Hello, I need some help with skipping verification while mounting

    How do I do this? I mean I see the popup box showing to skip..but it verifies so fast that I don't time to click "Skip" can someone please help?


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    A quick google search:

    I’ve been using OS X for a while now, and one thing that really irks me, especially on larger DMG files like a Leopard image, is that OS X automatically tries to verify the checksum of the DMG image file, which could take hours.

    There are a few applications out there that will disable this for you, but if you want the quick and dirty method, and don’t mind using the Terminal once in a while, use this one-liner to disable the verification easily:

    defaults write skip-verify true
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    cool so after I disable it how do I enable it again?

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