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    Backing up multiple macs to a time capsule
    I have four macs each running 10.5 but each is also a different kind of mac (one iMac, a G4 PowerMac, a new Intel PowerMac, and a MacBook). What's the most space-efficient way to back them all up to a single Time Capsule? I'll run out of space on the TC if I back up everything from all of them into separate backup files.

    I was thinking I could back up the system files that are common to all of them in one backup file, and the files that are unique to each system to separate backup files. Is there an easy way to tell time machine to do this? I know I can specify which folders I want to back up, but I don't know the extent to which different parts of the directory tree contain common vs. unique files.

    Alternatively, is there an easy way to tell TM to just back up everything that isn't on the Leopard installation disk?

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    I think I found the answer to my question - excluding the System folder from back-up brings up a prompt to exclude everything installed along with OS X. I believe that is what I was looking for (I'll have to use the disk to reinstall the operating system in the event of a bad HD, but that's fine I guess).

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    You could also put a 2nd hard disk in each of your towers (G4 and Mac Pro) just for TM. This will free up space on your TC for the other computers that can't accommodate second hard disks.
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