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Thread: Flash Memory Card - Read Only State

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    Flash Memory Card - Read Only State
    Hello -

    Today I was using a flash memory card on my MacBook Pro with my card reader and whenever I was copying files to the card it started to act goofy. It was copying a file and it just took forever and the file was only about 400kb in size. It sat there for about 10 minutes and then it just quit and acted like it had copied a file. Well ever since it wont let me copy anything else to the drive. Whenever I go to look at the INFO of the drive it says it is Read Only. Windows is saying the same thing. Neither OS will let me format the drive because it is read only. I even tried formatting in Terminal using this command: diskutil eraseDisk HFS+ newdisk disk1

    The drive is a 2GB SD Card.
    The file format is FAT16.

    I don't know if the disk is messed up or if it something I did?

    Anyone have any advice? I don't care if I loose everything on the disk - I had backup of all of the information on it.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Sounds like the SD card is damaged. The ROOT of the SD may be corrupt turning it into a read only device. If you can get the data off the SD, or have a backup, it's probably best to discard it and buy another.


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    You can always try and reformat it again, and see if that helps. If not then it's probably died. T_T"

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