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Thread: Stuck On The Gray Apple Screen - Won't Start

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    Nov 09, 2008
    Unhappy Stuck On The Gray Apple Screen - Won't Start
    After finally getting my macbook screen fixed after waiting for months, i installed the updates (offical mac updates by clicking the Check For Updates thing)

    out of all the updates, one of them, the operating system update for some reason said it couldnt install, then it proceeded to restart the computer automatically. it was accidentally shut off during the shutting down proscess of the restart (the battery is dead and my brother pulled out the power cord) and now it's stuck at the gray apple screen on the startup thing. what can cause this? it was working fine just a few minutes ago, is there anything i can do? or is this normal for mac's to do this right after being updated?

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    Nov 09, 2008
    is there anything at all i can do? i REALLY need this thing back asap

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    I don't know if this will do anything but you could try resetting your PRAM.

    Hold down Command, Option, P, and R on boot-up. It might help because I could of sworn I heard this advice given to someone with a non-booting machine. Good luck!

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    Do you have Applecare? Something similar happened to our computer and we called Applecare and they walked us through it and our computer's been fine since. Good luck!

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    you have to reinstall OS. It happened to me too.

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    and I used to laugh at those warnings not to turn the computer off during updates and stuff ... guess accidents happen and it ain't pretty

    can you boot from the install disk and maybe run a system check?

    or just run a repair installation so you don't loose all your data

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