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    Is it worth upgrading from Tiger to Leopard?
    I bought my MacBook in March 2007. So far, I have no problems with it. That being said, my housemate just got a new Mac and asked if I wanted to use it to upgrade my operating system with his Leopard discs.

    Two questions:
    1 - Is that legal? More importantly, do I lose my warranty for doing that? Am i allowed to use his discs?

    2 - Is it worth it? Do people think Leopard is enough of an upgrade that it's worth doing that?


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    1. It is not legal and will probably not work as system restore discs are strictly model specific.

    2. Yes Leopard is a great, fast and rock steady operating system.

    As the Leopard install DVD is a vital tool for ongoing maintenance, always have it on hand, which means purchase your own copy.

    Hope this helps.

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