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    Exclamation User/Account Confusion
    Okay so I have a Mac Book Pro running the latest Tiger and for some reason there is another user showing up in the users folder and it is me but by a different name (its my acctaully name not the one I ussually use for digital stuff/account names) and it had none of my settings or preferances for any of my progams and when I start the computer it loads up this user not the one with all my stuff.

    How do I fix it?!

    Is there some way I can tell it to load up the correct use because when I tried to adjust the account settings there were no options at all. The password is the same and everything, I don't even know how this happened.

    Last time I posted here no one helped me so I would really love it if someone could let me know what to do if you have any ideas.

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    does the account exist in the users preference pane?
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    You must have renamed your user folder, if you rename a user folder then on restart a fresh User folder is created that is the same as the Short name in the accounts prefernces

    Firstly rename your current active user folder back-up

    Then rename the other user to the name of your current user folder (before you called it backup) – which should be the short name in the accounts preference pane

    restart and you should get your stuff back
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