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    Clearing Boot Camp Partition + Fresh Install Help
    Hey guys.

    My macbook pro has a partition with Windows XP. I only use the partition to play the Sims 2, but since the new one is coming out on February 20th, I want to clear everything and reinstall the operating system because I have a lot of junk.

    In fact, I tried parrallels once and didn't like it so I uninstalled it and now everytime I boot up boot camp and select the Windows hard drive, it comes up with "which OS to boot?"

    "Windows XP (Parrallels configuration)
    Windows XP Professional
    Windows XP Professional (Tuneup backup)"

    The last one was added when I installed Tuneup, but I uninstalled it and its still there.

    Now whenever I try to go into the "Windows XP Professional" OS it just reboots my computer automatically. So I just want to clear everything on that side and reinstall XP so I can play the sims 3.

    I would have my friend help me (hes the one who set up windows xp for me), but I moved away and I haven't talked to him in ages.

    So I have no clue what to do now. Any help in the right direction would really be appreciated.

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    Open Boot Camp Assistant in Applications => Utilities. Have it restore your computer to a single partition. Then, create a new one using Boot Camp Assistant and follow the instructions.
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    I thought so. I was just poking around and saw that. Thank you!

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