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    New MacBook...running slow...!
    Yes what the title says is bassically what i need help on...

    i don't understand why my new macbook is running slow ...! im the only one who uses it so there is no extra accounts....

    processor: 2.4 ghz intel core 2 duo

    memory: 2gb 667 mhz ddr2 sdram

    and i still have 82.76 GB on my hard drive...! plus i have an external drive a 500GB external drive where i keep al of my pictures and music i do have a little bit of music and pictures on my macbook itself but most of it is in the external drive...! my macbook started acting slow about 1 month ago and i just got it in june of 08 so i do not ven have a year with it...!

    why is my mac running sloww...?

    here is how it is running slow when i open safari and i create a new tab it loads up for a bout 10 secs. and when i switch tabs it takes about 5 secs. some times when i open up a program it takes a while when it didnt even used to!

    hmm what a pain! i thought it was b.c i had to many programs but i still have a whole bunch of memory! my windows xp desktop is 5 years old and i have it loaded with programs it still goes pretty fast not as fast as my macbook but for it's age it still loads fast!



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    Sounds bad that your computer is so slow. But there are a few things you could do. You could open Activity Monitor and check if you have some application there taking up a lot of system resources. Maybe you can find the problem there.

    If that doesnt work you could try and download Onyx, and run the maintenance scripts there. Get onyx here: Titanium Software

    Hope this helps! Good luck
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