Greetings & Happy New Year!

MobileMe says this is not their issue, and in fact "it is impossible in the first place, but if it IS happening it is a network issue," and Applecare says no way, it must be MobileMe...

When I create a Sidebar Shortcut to a file on my Finder it appears on the Sidebar (via MobleMe sync?) on my other computer. Now this happens (I think) only when I reset the Preferences info in MobileMe sync on Mac A, ok the immediate request for merge or replace on Mac B, and then log in and log out on Mac B. Then presto, the shortcut is on Mac B.

This works in both directions. It may not even require a reset, but if this is the case, it certainly doesn't happen instantaneously, I haven't waited long enough to see.

The problem is that I would like to have different file shortcuts on the different computers, but if I ever need to reset the sync for Preferences info (or all info) which happens from time to time, all of the shortcuts are replaced or merged on the other computer. I then have to delete them (they cause a "volume xxx cannot be found--unless (amazingly) there is another identically-named file in the exact same path on the other computer. I say amazingly because this works even if the name of the User data file in the path is a different!). Therefore, if I make my file structure identical on both laptops, problem solved...but...

Has anyone heard of this? MobileMe chat guy said categorically that sidebar shortcuts do not sync and that I must have some bonjour or file sharing issue that causes the problem (even though I told him this happens when the macs are on different networks or even (not that it matters) in different countries! He said he consulted with his experts, was unable to duplicate what I can do, and could not find any supporting documentation. I couldn't find any either *anywhere* and that is why I am here.

Thanks for your patience with this long post, and again, Happy New Year.