I though solved my problem by turning off the fast switch login preference. But here is my problem. I think it goes all the way back to when I loaded 10.5, I of course loaded it the first day it was released and I could not login to the computer at all. I am not sure what the fix was but I think I had to create some new type of admin account. Anyway here goes

Yesterday I pressed a button and some how enabled fast user change (which I never knew was activated) into the guest account where I got a blue screen which would not let me get out of so I restarted the machine, logged in to my admin account. I arrived at a desktop which had lost all my stuff whicht what I think now was a guest desktop.

I logged out and back in no change

Open preferences and disabled the guest account and the fast user switching... no change when I logged back in as admin still at guest desktop

Rebooted from OS 10.5 disc repaired disc, repaired permissions everything fine. Rebooted logged in as admin still at guest desktop

Rebooted from Tech Tool 4 ran all the reports everything is fine, directories fine, files fine. So I think there is something to do with the log in account???

I restored my whole system 5 hours (twice now)

I log on as myself and everything is normal. As a test I tried to log in to the user account which was enabled and after a long blue screen I was taken to a guest (no files etc) desk top. I log out and log in as the admin account and end up at the guest account desktop. I can never get back to my admin desktop with all my files etc.. I have 3 accounts 1 guest (which you can disable but not get rid of) my admin account, and one for my wife who has never used it and where I am now.

I have tried about every combination of preference user account preferences to no avail!

I am now sure I am having a user account login problem but cannot think of a solution.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!