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    Creating a new user account and transferring files from old account
    I am now having more problems than I can handle with my Leopard installation...problems such as applications that refuse quit no matter what ~ even after attempting force quit them and/or attempting to "sudo kill -9 PID", and now that I am having problems with Adobe Lightroom not even being able to remain open on my user account for more than 10 seconds max before it crashes without provocation (yet runs fine on a troubleshooting account I created on the same machine), I would now like to create a new user account on my MacPro Leopard 10.5.6 and transfer my files from the previous (problematic) user account, but I've never done so in the past...

    Can someone give me a basic rundown of how to go about doing this as a means of troubleshooting my current sickly user account (and if you could also please let me know which files I should avoid restoring to the newly created user account so that I don't screw that one up as well, I would appreciate it)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

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    sorry but I am not sure how to fix your problems but I do know how to move files from one user to another. On your current user just click on macintosh HD then users then shared. Put the files you want to move into the shared folder then start your new user and you should see the files in the shared folder.

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