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Thread: Problems with Fonts - Office Apps (MS, OpenOffice, Neo)

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    Problems with Fonts - Office Apps (MS, OpenOffice, Neo)

    I m a noob to Mac and am having issues with fonts with MS Office, and other office suites.

    MS Office (2008) does not recognize all the fonts that I have installed in fontbook. In fact there is a section that lists the fonts it does. Openoffice and Neooffice however recognize anything I have installed. Is there any way to make MS Office recognize these fonts ?

    Secondly, and actually more importantly, when I load any of these office suites it takes forever to load because I have like 3000 fonts - is there a simple way to get rid of fonts that I wont use ? I am guessing that it has to check all the fonts because none thse apps ran slow when I had fewer fonts. (Never had this issue on a PC ): ).

    Please help - it's REALLY appreciated - it the only issue I have had with my switch to Mac- which I am overwhelming otherwise happy with.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would use Font Explorer, a free download from Linotype

    If you are going to start loading quite a few fonts, font book is not the best app, the free font explorer is much much better

    Font Management - Simple, Smart, Free - Linotype FontExplorer X
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    worked like a charm - THANKS !

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