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    If I did a re-install, format, wipe out, etc. . .
    can I use Time Machine to restore my programs and files?

    Also, if I can, is this generally not recommended because it'll carry over the problems I'm currently having with my install?

    My problems:

    constant crashing (as in computer crashes not program)f with Netflix and Southpark vids

    CANNOT install Boot Camp (HD won't partition)


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    If you restore all your programs and files with Time Machine, it will faithfully reproduce any errors and problems you were having when those backup files were created. You could go back in time when everything worked and restore everything from that point, but finding a good restore point would be tricky.

    From the title of your OP, you seemed to be prepared to wipe everything and start over. That's the best way to get a clean system. Reinstall the OS and all your programs from the original sources. Everything should be running as good as new. Then restore your data files (photos, music, documents, email, etc.) with Time Machine. When you're finished restoring your system, purge the old stuff from Time Machine.
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    What about programs you don't have original sources. Example, when I purchased Parallels I downloaded it and I never received any discs.

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