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Thread: time machine /fresh os install help please...

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    time machine /fresh os install help please...
    i have a soemwhat weird question. i am in the process of formatting and restoring a macbook. when you start up after a restore it gives you the option to transfer info from a time maching backup, which i happen to have (but is fro my macbook pro). can i use my time machine backup from my mbp to install everything on my macbook or will this be an issue at some point? will it somehow think it is a macbook pro in some way shape or form, even with regards to just the name of it? obviously i think the time maching is great, especially since it will transfer all my docs and install all my software for me etc but if it will create a hassle later ill just install os x 10.5 myself and manually transfer files and settings and install apps manually. can anyone chime in?

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    You can not restore a Time Machine backup nor any other backup from a MacBook Pro unit onto a MacBook. Different hardware will cause problems and more than likely the MacBook will not work correctly.

    It's best to restore the original OS to the MacBook using the recovery disks that came with it, and then use the Time Machine backup to selectively restore documents, music, videos, photos, and the like. Applications should be re-installed from the original media onto the MacBook for best results.


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    how about...
    how about simply reinstalling OS from original mb discs but then copying apps from one macbooks (as in copying whole applications folder to external) and dragging that to the newlyy formatted macbook?

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