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    trouble deleting files..
    I have two files in my trash can. both are empty folders. when i try to delete them, it says that they are in use.. how could that be if they are empty folders? any way i can find where they are in use and end the process? thanks

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    easiest thing is just to restart
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    You can close all programs open and then restart the finder by right clicking on the finder icon in the dock. I have the same problem if I email a file then try to delete it when Mail is open, but I close Mail it deletes.

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    i tried all that and it still wont let me.. its wierd, if i try doing secure delete, it says in use. but if i do normal delete, it says the icon is locked. But i checked it and neither are locked, and I have full access to write and read them. thanks for the help

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    i was able to delete them. i held down the option key so the warning wouldnt come up. thanks for your help though!

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    when stuff like that happens i usually take the darwin route. works most times

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