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    use mini tiger cds with ibook
    hi. if my dad gets a mini when they start coming with tiger, will i be able to use the tiger cds to install over panther on my ibook g4??

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    maybe, though those discs that come with a mac often install hardware specific things that may screw up your mac. but it should work just to install it.

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    Yes you can, however legally, you should not. The license is for one machine only, doing anything else would be piracy. If you're a student, you can normally get the OS upgrades pretty cheap though.
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    Or if you're a family, you can get a family pack for 5 versions at the cost of 2.

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    Theres a good chance you may run into some problems, unless Apple includes device drivers for there whole product line on every cd. If that is the case it will run no prob, if not then your iBook's graphics, sound, fan control and 1000 other things wont work. I guess it cant hurt try... Ignore everything I just said if the cd that comes with your mac is the same exact one that comes in the box at the store, which I just realized to make life easy it most likely is....

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    I was at the Apple store and waiting to pay for my stuff. The employee was talking on the phone trying to explain to the customer that it would be illegal to install Panther on another computer that had a pervious version on it. So if or when you do install tiger on that computer, you'll need to uninstall it, if you are ever to send it to Apple for repair. I'm sure they have many ways of finding out, if you don't have the right copy on your computer that you are suppose to have. Otherwise, why not try it.

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