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    Question Format macbook & Time machine: anything special?
    Hi Guys,

    Im using timemachine for backing up a white macbook w/ dvd-burner (OS 10.5.5). Ok, Now, since I was new with Apple I tried out a whole bunch of software over the last year and I think it is time to format my macbook (just to keep it fresh).

    It never formatted a mac, but I guess I just boot it form the OS-CD, and there is probably some option to format it and reinstall the OS.

    My question: do I have to think of something special since I'm using timemachine? Can I just tell timemachine to start backing up to the same disk?
    I can imagine time machine all freaks out since it sees that everything is different after a format?

    that is all, thanks in advance, bram

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    Nov 30, 2008
    Nobody that has an answer to this question? I tried searching in older posts for the answer, but I really couldn't find anything...

    Or... does no answer just means "No, idiot, of course that just works!" ?

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