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    Unhappy Please help me with THIS OSX ISSUE
    I have PBG3 OS9.2.2 and just got OSX 10.3 but after i moved some stuff from system folder OS9 into system folder OSX i lost all my settings and I could find my documents just in one subfolder "users" in system OS9. Than i tried to copy it everything back, so I took all stuff from "Library"folder from my "users" folder and copied it into "Library" in "system X" folder.Then i restarted but it doesnt show my "powerbook" folder on my desctop and starting NEVER stops. If i try to get into any folder, it just opens it/or not even that/ but rainbow is STILL TURNING adn TURNING. i can log into OSX with my name but thats all. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH

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    You probably need to reinstall both systems. Then leave things alone! There is no need to put 9.2 things into the X system folder. It is a whole different type of system.

    I suggest you get yourself a book on OS X.
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    it appears that you corrupted your system by moving things from the user library folder to the system library folder. Like cradom, suggested you should do a re-install. I suggest a clean install.
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    Yeah, then after the clean install, don't think that OSX acts the same with it's folder hierarchy as OS9. Different animal completely. Get yourself the "OSX Bible", those bible books are good for migrators.

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    Another great book for OS X newbies is "Mac OS X: The missing manual" from O'Reilly...
    Very detailed, but easy to read. Not the typical technical language of this kind of books.

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    Thank you very much, not very happy but i know at least. I will reinstall it. Anyway, does someone know if on MAC is some similar funktion like on WINDOWS, thats u start in DOS and write regedit..and your comp starts up from yesterday or other spicified date?

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