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    Restore Disk Problems
    So heres the problem...

    I want to reinstall my Mac OS X. I currently have 10.2.8 installed. So when I go to put my Restore Disk in that came with my Powerbook I can hear the disk spin like its beginning to boot into the install section but it does nothing for like 3 min. Then suddenly a screen that Ive seen before comes up.

    A gray box comes up with the power bottom looking graphic in the back saying that you need to restart your computer.

    I know the disk worked at one point because I have used it before.

    Any one have some ideas or has anyone had this problem before? I was thinking maybe I should up grade to 10.3 but then I remembered that 10.4 is coming out in like a few months and ill just upgrade then. O well any info could help.

    Thank You

    -Matt Hutchins

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    thats called a kernel panic. most likely whats happening is that your cd drive isnt spinning fast enough for the mac to boot from the restore disc, or the restore disc is scratched.
    if you have an external optical drive of some kind, you might try using it instead.
    why are you reinstalling the os?

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