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    Worth Upgrading?
    I have a 2.16GHz iMac running Tiger. Is it worth the money to upgrade to Leopard? I'm going to soon get XP and either Parallels or Bootcamp in order to run certain accounting software I use, this doesn't affect anything but use up some of my hard drive space and isn't benefited by upgrading to Leopard, correct?

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    If i was you i would stick with tiger its alot more lighter then Leopard.
    I used to have Tiger on my Macbook and preferred that a lot more then Leopard.
    I feel load times especially boot up times were a lot faster in tiger then Leopard and things ran a lot smoother.


    There are many things in Leopard that are great e.g. if you hover a folder over another folder it will automatically open the folder up, You can preview a file or song then having to open iTunes or Preview etc...

    Stick with Tiger thats my opinion, Yours might be different after you do a but more research into it.
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    You can't use Bootcamp with Tiger anymore though. It was only a beta, the full version is included free with Leopard.
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    Leopard is faster than Tiger and rock solid, but yes boot times generally seem about 15 seconds slower.

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