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    Keychain not found
    I have a Imac 1 year old. I just installed microsoft office 2008 on it. Now i get this message every time i open safari and surf for a while.
    Keychain not Found
    A keychain cannot be found to store "Safari"
    i have two choices.
    "cancel" or "restore to default"
    When i hit cancel safari runs for a while and then the message comes back. if i choose restore i have to enter my password then safari runs for a while and the mesage goes back. Any idea or help. Plus I have these wierd sound coming from from the speaker. It is a single tone like "DOM" and it repeats all the time. I tmake snoise when safari is running. do not know if it make noise when other programs are running. Any ideas on how to get rid of mesaage and sound besides removing office.

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    You need to delete your corrupt login.keychain file which is in ~\Library\Keychains. Then when you need to use it, the application will create a new one for you.

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    Before you go deleting anything try repairing your Keychain - it has worked for me.

    It's found in:

    Keychain Access - Keychain First Aid

    And if you store as much in there as I do, at least get yourself a cheap flash drive to back it up if nothing else.
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    I tried the repair and nothing changed.
    I ran the ONYX program and it fixed my Safari.

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