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    Simple question - Copying a directory structure from a CD to the Hard Drive
    Hello All;
    I am trying to do a very simple thing but I got a really unexpected result today. I want to point out that I am very new to the IMac. I did a google search to try to get help/clarification but that was no help so I post here.

    I've installed some software which has burried in its directory structure some data representing the Digital Elevation data for the surface of the planet Mars. In order to install the rest of the data, I need to copy a directory stored on a DVD-ROM which has thousands of subdirectories and data on it. When I copy this to the Hard Disk, I was hoping that it would just add to the existing directory (As happens on a PC) but it seeems to delete the existing directory structure and only copy the data from the DVD. I need the stuff on disk to APPEND to the data on HD, not delete it. Anyone know how this may be accomplished.

    If you're confused about what I'm trying to do, let me try to explain it another way.

    Directory structure on the DVD - data\scenery\Terrain\w010n00\w001n00\2938496.btg

    Data structure on Hard Drive - Macintosh HD\Applications\marsflight\Contents\MacOS\data\sce nery\Terrain\w010n00\w001n00\2938496.btg

    So when I copy the \Data directory on DVD to Macintosh HD\Applications\marsflight\Contents\MacOS\, everything seems to get wiped out except the data coming from DVD ? How do I prevent this from happening as I can do on a PC ? I need to Append the data in Macintosh HD\Applications\marsflight\Contents\MacOS\, not delete it and only store the DVD contents. I also need to do this in such a way that it is easy for others to understand and whatever method is used, it must be available natively on all Macintosh systems.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me with this simple question but long explanation.


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    The only possible explanation I can "offer" is that the data on the DVD is formatted in a DOS like directory structure:

    directory one\directory two\directory three\ and so on.....

    Your Mac uses a Unix file system which has an entirely different structure:

    directory one/directory two/directory three/ .......

    You can't mix or append. That's probably why the data gets wiped out.

    Sorry I can't be of more help or offer you any way to get around having to reformat the data from disk to append to the Mac.


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    Thanks, chscag.

    I have another question ... is there any way to format data on a DVD-ROM so when copied the data/directories will be appended on either a PC or a MAC ? Or is the only way to release a set of data for the PC and another set for the MAC ? Thanks.


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