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    Java update for 10.3 osx?

    I have a Mac G4 - os 10.3 and recently tried to download Pirate Bay. It said I needed to download Azureus; however, I failed to because I have not got the most recent Java. Can anyone tell me how do I update, and to WHICH one? Can anyone give me decent step by step directions in layman's terms on how to get Pirate Bay sorted for me?

    Much appreciated!

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    Here is the latest update for Panther but that version is pretty old and may not be acceptable.

    Java 1.4.1 (Panther)

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    The latest that mac supports is java 1.5, I'm quite sure of this as i just started java programming at Uni and a lecturer said something of the sort

    You can download it here

    J2SE 5.0
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