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    Need my evocam surveillance to work with macbook closed
    I use Evocam to monitor my house via my Iphone and IP cameras when away from home. It works great except for the fact that when I or someone in my house closes my Macbook shut, the internet and applications stop working.

    How do I set my Macbook to always be connected to the internet and have my application running even with the computer shut? I have tried different energy settings but the Mac wont connect to the internet until I open it up.

    Thanks in advance, also will this running it 24/7 wear out my mac prematurely?

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    Your only real solution is to install and run Insomnia X while you are away from home, I use it often when watching movies and when driving in the car with my MBP setup as an incar computer under the passenger seat. I have never noticed an increase in heat throughout the machine when running it with the lid closed, but it does pay to have it sitting on a hard surface with breathing room to maximize fresh air around the rear fan vents.

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