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Thread: Dual Apache install, how do I remove!?

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    Dual Apache install, how do I remove!?
    Hey everyone I need some help here. I can't remember 100%, but I think when I got my PowerBook I wasn't sure how to use the built in personal web sharing so I installed Apache myself. Right now httpd is always running, and localhost goes to the Apache site. It's not the Mac OS X default page, but its the standard "Seeing this instead of your website?" apache site. When I go to system preferences and turn off personal web sharing, nothing happens, it says shutting down forever. In the console it says cannot shut down because it's not running, even though it says it is and activity monitor shows like 3 instances of httpd. If I did install Apache myself how would I turn it off and remove it? If I kill the process it just comes back online! I need help here because it's really slowing down my internet! Thanks!

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    Look at the documentation that came with your download of apache. The win command is apache start, apache stop. Apache will keep turning its self on if you simply kill its process. From there check to see what personal web sharing says now, if it is still running stop it. From there uninstall apache

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