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    Dock - Question Mark Icon
    One of the Icons on my Dock has disappeared and has been relaced with a see through '?' (Question Mark) icon. The original icon was an alias to the DVD player app. Which is still working perfectly inside the apps folder

    Any ideas on how to get rid of it?, I can't drag it to the trash.

    Thanks in advance for any tips or clues

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    Drag it out of the dock and it'll disappear with a nice cloud of smoke, then just re-open the application and either right click (ctrl-click) on the icon and say "Keep in Dock" or just move the dock icon when the app is open, that'll keep it in the dock.

    Sometimes the link to the picture for the icon gets funked up, just re-attach it basically.

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    Can you drag it out of the dock so it disappears in a cloud of smoke?

    Edit: What he said. :p

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    It won't let me drag it out of the dock!

    cancel that - I just tried it whilst holding down the Command key at the same time and 'poof' - all gone!

    Thanks anyway guys

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    that also happens if the path is broken, say the alias or original app is deleted.

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