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    Unhappy cannot write on external HDD :(
    hey guys!

    i have a slight problem with my old Maxtor 750gig external hard drive, i only have read permission on the drive, meanwhile all my PC's get to read and write onto the drive

    is there anything i can do which would allow me to write onto the drive?

    i was hoping that there was an alternative to reformating it, as there is no-where for me to move the files while it formats.

    im willing to use software etc to do this, but im not willing to hand over the drive for someone to mess up or something, i want a solution i can do myself

    thank you all so much!!!

    Mark Gabrawi
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    If your disk is formatted ntfs, then you will not be able to write to it from OS X with out some help. You might want to look at the current discussion below for some suggestions.
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