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    Nov 07, 2008
    Surface Scan i've looked all over the internet trying to find out how to solve this problem..

    a few days ago i ran tech tools on my macbook pro and i got this error...

    Surface Scan
    Failed - 1 errors
    The Surface Scan test will scan the disk for bad blocks.
    Media defects cause this test to fail. You should consider backing up the device, reformatting the media, replacing the data, and then testing again.

    i have no clue how to reformat the media, which i'm guessing is the hard drive...if anybody could give me like a step by step process on what to do it would be greatly appreciated....

    also i'm running os x version 10.4.11 if thats important...


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    You can format the drive using Disk Utility. It needs to be launched by booting from your system disc 1. When the setup screen opens, you should see it available from one of them menus at the top of the screen.

    With that said, I suggest you just replace the drive. Typically drives that fail surface scans will only get worse over time. Since that drive can no longer be considered reliable, I'd sooner replace it.
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    Nov 07, 2008
    how do you boot from your system disc?

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    Nov 07, 2008
    also ive heard if you have downloaded any torrents they scan your HD for it and you can get in deep DOO DOO for i'll wana clear my hd before taking it in anyway right?

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    put your original OS X disc in your optical drive and restart your mac. Hold the 'C' key as the computer reboots and the Mac will boot from the CD. When the installer comes up, choose Utilities from the top menu and then Disk Utility.

    Go to the Erase tab and bingo!
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    Nov 07, 2008
    someone from the apple store told me to hold down the 'option' key not the 'C' key...which is it.

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    Nov 07, 2008
    is it the 'option' key or the 'c' key?

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