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    Folder has disappeared - can I get it back?
    A folder containing images has vanished from my Mac Pro Octocore. This has happened to me once before.

    It was stored on an additional 500GB hard drive that I had installed in the machine - I use the main 500GB drive for applications, and keep all files on the other internal drive. I have had problems like this with all of my drives in the past though (I also have externals).

    I have run searches for the folders, and looked in every place I can think of but they don't seem to exist anymore. How is this possible?!

    I am currently running PhotoRescue, but don't hold out much hope - it's never found files that have disappeared in the past.

    I'm running the latest Version of OSX 10.5.2

    I'm a photographer and had spent most of last night working on these, ready for an order which needed to be sent today.

    I've had a lot of problems with the machine since buying it last April. Various applications (everything from Photoshop to Textedit to Finder) will refuse to force quit fully - it'll say that they've quit but they stay illuminated in the dock. Once this has happened, the only way I can shut the machine down is by holding the power button.

    I always close all open windows (if possible) before powering down.

    I wonder whether this is the cause of my missing folder... I've also had groups of files from within a folder become corrupt.

    I'm still quite a Mac novice. Is there a directory I can look in to see where they might be, if they still exist?

    Unfortunately, I don't have Applecare, and the 3 month warranty has expired.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks for your help!

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    Hey Lhollo,

    Well hmm.. a couple things first.. the latest version is 10.5.5, so you might want to upgrade and the warranty is a year, not 3 months, when you buy applecare it extends it to 3 years.

    Did you have time machine backing up your data?

    Also the problems you are having sounds like you might have bad RAM, or a hard drive that is malfunctioning.. although I don't think it's that. My guess is that it's either the RAM or you need to do a reinstall of the OS.

    As for getting your file back.. hopefully you had time machine backing up your files.. otherwise.. Im not sure, maybe someone else might have an idea.

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