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    Cannot quit Mail program unless I Force it.
    Some time back I received a LONG Email message and hit Delete while it was downloading (A mistake). However the message heading still remains in the IN box even though I cannot open it. Now when I hit DELETE I get a spinning wheel that goes on forever but never deletes it. My problem is: I cannot quit Mail unless I Force Quit. Otherwise the Mail symbol in the bar is shaded dark blue. I suspect that long message is lurking somewhere in my system. Thanks.

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    I was just about to start a thread . . .
    I was going to ask if anyone else is having problems with Mail NOT quitting when selected.

    On quite a few occasions when I've selected Shut Down for the computer, it hasn't and it turned out to be Mail doing it (Google IMAP if it matters).

    It generated error messages which have all said 'Hang' as the problem. I've had to Force Quit to get a shutdown.

    Is anyone else getting this?

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    To either of you, try re-posting your issue under the (suggested) heading 'Where does Mail (v xyz) store its In mail?'; or 'how can I get to an Inward mail item to delete it?'

    I suspect the answer is User > Library > Mail but then how and with what (other then Mail itself) to open the mbox contents to get to the item you think is causing the problem is the thrust of the question.

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