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    Finder restarts itself repeatedly after booting

    I am having some severe startup problems and am looking for some advice. If this is the wrong forum, please point me to the right place.

    In short, when my mac boots up, it loads the Finder, almost finishes loading, then the screen goes blue and the Finder "restarts" itself. It's not a full restart of the Mac but as if the Finder application simply shuts down and reboots. I have about 3-4 seconds of live time before it does this. It does this repeatedly, over and over, in an endless loop, until I'm forced to power down. "Safe mode" doesn't work - the endless loop repeats even there.

    This is correlated with a very clear cause. I've been out of town since October 30. When I got back today, November 3, I booted up and everything worked. I then got the "Software Update" alert and downloaded the latest updates. One of them -- I'm not sure which -- appears to have caused this, because ever since I restarted after that "Software Update" download, the problem has appeared. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the software titles that got the latest update, but it was something updated in the last month and prompted to me between Oct. 30 and Nov. 3.

    I'm on a PowerPC G5 running 10.5.X. I can't tell you what the "X" in that is because I can't get the drive to boot up properly at the moment.

    As a stopgap, I've installed 10.5.1 on an external hard drive and am using that to boot up. I can see the "bad hard drive" so I should be able to delete any errant files, if anyone has any advice.

    Thanks - any help is appreciated.

    Joseph Goodman

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    I would start with Disk Utility from the install disk. (after selecting language go to menubar/Utilities/Disk Utility) Try repairing the HDD.

    If that fails, but the hdd appears to be OK, you may want to consider an Archive and install. Deleting files in itself may not help, as there could be corruption or partially updated files, and would be hard to isolate.

    As a precaution, make sure anything you wish to keep is backed up, in case a full re-format and install is necessary.
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