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    How to erase my ex-girlfriendīs user account
    I quit my girlfriend and she doesnt want to give me her password in order to erase her user account from my beloved black macbook. Could any body give a hint on how to disable it or erase it witout the password?.
    If thereīs a way please tell me i dont want to see her account when i use my laptop. Thanks in advance and congratulations for the forum since i am new on it best regards to all users

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    Assuming you do have admin privileges on your user...

    Go to System Preferences > Accounts
    Click the lock at the bottom, authenticate with your user id/password
    Highlight her account id, then click the - sign down below.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    Erasing account user on my MacBook !!
    I recently quit my girl and she had her own user account in my beloved black MacBook. now she wont tell me her password which i think is necessary to delete or erase her account ( which i just cant stand seeing when i use my MB). Can any body please give me any hints on how to do it? .
    I will never be thankfull enough Hail all Mac users!!!

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