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    are there any custom sound sets for osx? or is it going to be a thing i just find sounds i like and choose them?

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    OS X users can only change their system alert sound. Using a custom sound requires copying the sound file into ~/Library/Sounds, then choosing it from the Sound preference pane.
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    Sep 07, 2008
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    anyone know where i can download a matrix sound set?

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    If you have Adium installed as a chat client, go to Adium - Download, and search the sound sets, I know there is a "Matrix" themed sound set available.

    This is how I change a lot of my system sounds, by using sound set packages from other software, it's simply a matter of finding the audio files within the package, then converting them into .aiff files. The you can simply replace any default system sound with a new one of your choice. The first sound I change on a new machine is always the "Drag & Drop" system sound, as it annoys me and is a rather unpleasant sound to hear often.

    Just make sure you are confident you know what you are doing before changing and replacing any system files, and make a back up of any default files that you may change.

    You can find system sounds like drag & drop, screen grab etc. on your machine here -


    You will find the alert sounds where BlueMac mentioned above.

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