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Thread: Partitioning Trouble

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    Question Partitioning Trouble
    I got my MacBook earlier this year so I am fairly new. I was trying to partition by hard drive but never finished because I had a trip to go on and then the summer came and I forgot about it. When I was talking to technical help to understand the steps in partitioning I was told I would have to reinstall Leopard on the Windows part (if I understood correctly) but I'm not quite sure how to do that or even which CDs that is because my MacBook came with 2 CD install. If you know what to do please let me know! Thanks

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    Just open up boot camp assistant in the utilities folder and go through those steps and choose how much space you want to give the windows partition and click partition. Then you will have 2 hard drives on your desktop one called bootcamp and another called whatever your OSX is installed on. Each OS has to have its own individual partition to run on. When the partitioning is complete put in your windows disc and click start installation. Make sure you install Windows on the bootcamp partition, you will need to reformat it in the windows setup either in NTFS or FAT32 (Vista Needs NTFS, XP can use both) When the windows setup has finished put in disc 1 of the discs that came with your computer and install the drivers, then you can use bootcamp assistant to choose which OS to start from in the windows side or you can hold option during startup to choose a hard disc to boot from.

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    Yeah, be sure to select the Startup Disk you want either in Windows control panel under Boot Camp or in System Preferences in OS X. A lot of people complain about how Windows "took over" their Mac, but all that is needed is a quick change of the startup disk.

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