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    Idiots guide to multiple Operating Systems... please help
    I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right place but.... here goes.

    I have what appears to be a standard problem but I can't find a suitable answer when trawling through the numerous websites and forums...

    You kind folks looked like you might be able to help.

    I want to play my old windows games occasionally (specifically Caesar III and Pharaoh) on my new MacBook, now, I understand I need to use either windows or a fake windows.

    I don't have an available copy of windows, can I use (or would you recommend) I use wine? I want to keep Leopard as my main OS.

    and... if so... do I need to use bootcamp too?

    Please point me in the right direction.

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    Unless you are decently tech savy, I would not recommend using WINE. I have used it on many occasions when I only ran Linux, but it takes a lot of tweaking to get most stuff working without problems.

    You could try using Codeweavers CrossOver games, which is essentially a commercial version of WINE that is all pre setup, but it isn't perfect either.

    Neither option would you need a copy of Windows or bootcamp.
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    Pharaoh is listed on their sire as one of the games that has been tested to run on CrossOver
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    I have used boot camp and parallels and both work very well.

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    So I need to fork out for something else anyway.... I guess I might as well try to find someone's old copy of windows huh, then I can run it through/in/using bootcamp...... I guess.

    I was hoping that MS didn't have a total hold of the market, what with all the open source stuff flying about, but looks like they do.

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