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    Question Major Issues: Boot Camp/Backup/etc.
    Hi.. I am running Leopard on an Intel imac 23". I'm having a few problems that all started when I attempted to install Parallels and then Boot Camp. To make a long story short when installing Parallels, the product key that I had for XP didn't work so I decided to use Boot Camp Assistant to partition my drive. I went through the motions and the XP key still didn't work so I decided to go back into my mac partition and restore it to a single drive (and delete the Windows partition). For some reason, that didn't work and now I can only go into my mac partition by holding down the option key upon start up. So I read on this forum that in some cases, it's best to back up your entire hard drive and reformat your disc (wipe it out to get rid of Windows partition). Last night I used Carbon Copy and backed up my Macintosh HD to an external drive. When it was done I got an error message and was told to check out the log. The log contained the information way down below (please forgive me but I'm super frustrated). In addition, I took a screen capture of my External Drive and some of my folders are locked and I have no option for access (even when I get info).

    My concern is that I have not properly backed up my machine. My question is two fold.. has my mac been safely backed up? Should I have backed it up as a disc image? This is all new to me. What is the correct way to use this software? How do you (restore your old machine) or copy everything back over after you are done formatting the disk? Also, I have the entire CS3 installed on my machine but no installation discs... if I back my machine up to my external hard drive and then restore it, will I need to reinstall these programs from a disk? I guess what I'm saying is that if it's going to cause more trouble then maybe I'll just have to live with the whole option key thing.. but its darn annoying!!! Thanks in advance and please forgive for the lengthy question.

    CCC Log
    19:51:00 Launched Carbon Copy Cloner [3.1.2]

    20:15:35 Launched Carbon Copy Cloner [3.1.2]

    ==================== Carbon Copy Cloner (v. 3.1.2): 2008-10-27 21:15:15 -0400 ====================

    Operating System: Version 10.5.4 (Build 9E17)

    hw.machine: i386
    hw.model: iMac4,1
    hw.logicalcpu: 2
    hw.physmem: 2147483648
    vm.loadavg: { 0.03 0.05 0.13 }

    Task: Disk-to-disk clone
    Source: Macintosh HD (/dev/disk0s2)
    Mount point: /
    Filesystem: hfs
    Capacity: 232.57 GB
    Used: 193.55 GB
    Available: 39.01 GB
    Mac OS X version: 10.5.4

    Target: SEA_DISK (/Volumes/SEA_DISK/ [/dev/disk3s1])
    Mount point: /Volumes/SEA_DISK
    Filesystem: hfs
    Capacity: 279.46 GB
    Used: 181.38 GB
    Available: 98.08 GB
    Mac OS X version: Mac OS not installed

    Bootability: This volume will be bootable.

    Cloning method: Backup everything
    Erase target: No

    21:15:15 The target volume has ownership enabled.
    21:15:15 The target volume has Access Control Lists enabled.
    21:15:15 Authenticating...
    21:15:22 Initiating synchronization engine...
    21:15:25 Cloning...
    21:46:34 roj/Templates/ISO/ニュースレター/ファミリーニュース.template/brxbxp69355_5a.jpg
    21:46:36 mplates/ISO/教育素材/スクラップブック.template/AA003106-4.jpg
    23:13:09 rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at /Volumes/Home/Users/bombich/Development/Bombich_Software/rsync-3.0.3/io.c(635) [sender=3.0.3] (51)
    23:13:10 rsync: Some errors were encountered during the backup., Error code: 51
    23:13:11 Sync Engine messages: (
    "\U30cb\U30e5\U30fc\U30b9\U30ec\U30bf\U30fc/\U30a8\U30af\U30b9\U30c8\U30ea\U30fc\U30e0\U30cb\U 30e5\U30fc\U30b9.template/color-profile",
    "roj/Templates/ISO/\U30cb\U30e5\U30fc\U30b9\U30ec\U30bf\U30fc/\U30d5\U30a1\U30df\U30ea\U30fc\U30cb\U30e5\U30fc\U 30b9.template/brxbxp69355_5a.jpg",
    "mplates/ISO/\U6559\U80b2\U7d20\U6750/\U30b9\U30af\U30e9\U30c3\U30d5\U309a\U30d5\U3099\U 30c3\U30af.template/AA003106-4.jpg"
    23:13:11 Sync Engine warnings: (
    "rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4 bytes [sender]: Broken pipe (32)",
    "rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (27556561 bytes received so far) [sender]",
    "rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at /Volumes/Home/Users/bombich/Development/Bombich_Software/rsync-3.0.3/io.c(635) [sender=3.0.3]"
    ================================================== ==============================

    07:04:24 The system is going to sleep, there's nothing CCC can do to prevent it.

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