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    I have a Macintosh with OS X on it (in December the 3rd it will have one year). It as an Intel Core 2 Duo (2 GB memory and 120 GB hardisk).
    Sometimes while I am running some applications (like Mathematica - the computer algebra system, or Axel, Surfex- which are some mathematical modelizers for algebraic curves written in C++, respectively Java) the apple starts making this really terrifying noise while computing it blocks after some time and the applications quit unexpectedly. Still after the applications quit the apple continues with the same noise and trying to compute (or do ) something I think. I also use the Activity Monitor to see which processes are occupying the memory but I could not track such a process.

    Moreover sometimes I notice that the ClamXav program that I have installed also scans over an over again a file which I already closed or downloaded and until I do not abort the scanning the same noise is in the background.
    (my guess is that when this noise appears the computer is repeating some task because he doesn't know that he should stop but I am not sure of course.)
    And sometimes as now the noise appears out of nowhere while I am running no program at all.

    Can someone explain me what is the cause of this terrible noise? And if I can do something to prevent it or stop it?
    Does this affect the CPU of the Mac in any way.

    thank you for your time and suggestions in advance.
    best wishes,

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    Have you tried a disk repair?

    DivX Player caused my iMac to make a horrific noise before it was updated for Leopard.

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    What's the noise? I'm guessing it's the fans kicking in. Quitting applications when the CPU is under load is usually due to overheating, in which case you should probably have your Mac looked at by an Apple genius.

    Having said that, if an app is scanning files repeatedly and no moving on, that sounds like a HDD problem. In either case, have your machine reviewed by an expert.
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