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Thread: did I get a virus???

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    did I get a virus???
    Whenever I visit this particular website (no it's not porn!), my Firefox has a pop up that says my computer could be infected by a virus.... and tells me to allow this 'scan' to run and check my computer. It's based off of I force quite Firefox, but it still downloaded a blank PDF to my desktop. Should I be worried????

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    No, you can't get a virus on your mac, this is just a case of a web site tricking you into installing malicious software on your computer. If you had a Windows PC, you might be in trouble, but you have nothing to worry about on the Mac. It is possible to pass it on to Windows computers if you are sharing files, through email, etc. So just avoid the site and delete whatever files it downloaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousCat View Post
    Whenever I visit this particular website (no it's not porn!),


    But seriously, you didn't get a virus...It's just a way of tricking PC users into thinking they have a virus so they download their product.
    Yes my name is Jaguar.
    No, it is not a joke.
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