Hi... I have a g5 2.3mhz mac and one of my internal HD gets a kernel panic on startup right after "IPv6 packet filtering initialized, default to accept, logging disabled". The panic is "panic(cpu1 0xsomenumber) freeing free mbuf". I can however boot into safe mode...I had this problem before and "solved" it by turning off all sharings and reenabling them after boot. But now that doesn't work. I cloned that disk when it was working, and the clone worked fine for weeks but now does the same thing. It doesn't seem hardware-related since I have an older clone of same disk which boots fine.
I have done everything: DWarrior, Drive Genius, Diskutil, TechTOol, permissions,pram,you name it.I am mystified. I've noticed that on normal boot, after IPv6 thing comes either Ethernet "UniNEnet: Ethernet address 00:0d:93:7a:42:34" or "lookupd (version 369.8) starting" so it could be some network related problem(network prefs, corrupt prefpanes...) I wonder if some one can suggest anything except reformatting.Thnks for any advice.