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    Audio Output
    Hello !

    I want to listen to music from my MacBook with my home sound system, so I just plugged the ''headphone jack'' in the appropriate connection on the mac and in does not work. I went to system pref, sound to select manually the line-out headphone but my only option there is built-in speakers !!!!

    Does ayones know how to add this option or what do I need to do so that I can use my home sound system with my mac.

    Yes I know it works because I'm always listening music that way with my PC...

    Thank You

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    Please don't bite, but in SysPref > Sound, has the Mute button been somehow checked?

    I'm using Tiger, but I doubt the Sound Prefs have changed much. In Output, it says Name - Headphones and Port - Built-in Audio.

    With your external amp/stereo in the home sound system, are you using the Aux function when connecting an external audio device.

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    No the mute checkbox is not checked.
    I have only the option buil-in speaker, no option head-phone (This is the problem)
    And yes my sound system is on AUX (Like I said I use this with my PC all the time)

    Thanks for the try

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    Is this a new Macbook or one of the older ones?

    There have been issues with the Audio Out Jack on some older Macbooks and MBP's also where it was stuck in Digital Optical Out mode. That jack is both a Line Out and Optical Digital Out for use with a TosLink cable. Try putting in the plug and pulling it out a few times. That worked for some.

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