I want to connect my new laptop to the time machine timeline of my old laptop so that when I do "open time machine" on my new m/c I get the timeline of the old machine.

Here are the problems.

My earlier Macbook pro running Leopard (first generation macbook pro) was being regularly backed up by Time Machine to 1TB Time capsule.

Now I'm replacing it with the latest and greatest macbook pro also running Leopard! When I was initializing I was prompted to download from TM. But that did not work and I initialized and created a user-id and password as my earlier one.

After everything was fine, I started Migration Assistant. This allowed me to retrieve from TM backup but created a secondary user-id and password!!!

What I want now is that, from my primary a/c connect to the Time Capsule backup and continue the "timeline" i.e. I can go into Time Capsule and see the backup back upto March i.e. when I started TC.

Thanks in advance...