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    .XLS files
    How can I import .xls files into my Appleworks spreadsheet?
    Do I have to buy Microsoft Office for Macs or is there a cheaper way?

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    When you say 'Appleworks spreadsheet' do you mean iWork Numbers?

    Numbers for me usually opens excel files without too much of a problem.

    If you are having trouble then I'd recommend the FREE NeoOffice which is pretty powerfull and completely free Office suite.

    Also checkout as I think the latest version of OpenOffice installs on your Mac natively with no additional software required - NeoOffice is just the Mac version of OpenOffice so this isn't really that much of a choice.

    Your next option is the really quite good Google Docs - again, completely free, works with MS Office file types and perhaps the best thing is it's web-based so you can choose to 'publish' (share) the files with your friends and of course; being web-based you can get it from any computer (be it Linux, OS X or Windows) that has an internet connection.

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    Simple Excel spreadsheets should open in AppleWorks 6 without any problems. Make sure you have the latest updates for AppleWorks (6.2.9)

    More complicated spreasheets might require Microsoft Office to open correctly. You can also try with NeoOffice; doesn't support a G5 machine.

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